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How To Get A Lot Of YouTube Subscribers If You Have Just A Few Videos?

YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing website with more than 2 billion users and a huge number of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. But not all of them get noticed by viewers or attract subscribers to a channel, and as subscribers are essential for any successful YouTuber who wants to grow in popularity, that can be a problem.

Even the biggest stars on YouTube need lots of subscribers to stay relevant and continue growing their audience over the long term. And the best way to get a lot of subscribers on your channel is by creating engaging, high quality videos that appeal to your target audience (so, avoid uploading low-quality or spammy content at all costs).

But, is not just about quality. Also quantity plays a very important factor, and the more videos the better. Actually, you need a lot of videos to start gathering many views or subscribers, and of course creators who have been doing YouTube for years don’t have this problem.

This article will explain how important it is to build a solid subscriber base even if you just started and you don’t have many videos yet.

How To Get A Lot Of YouTube Subscribers: Steps and tips

So, let’s see the basic steps and generic rules to get more subscribers. One by one, in order. (The first one might be skipped if you have already the channel). Also, I quickly mentioned to make many fresh videos because, even if you don’t have many videos now, the goal is to get there. Having many quality videos on YouTube is still the most effective way to get subscribers!

Anyway, let’s start

  1. Create a YouTube channel.
  2. The next thing to do is add links to your website and social media profiles so that people can find out more about you and what your channel is about.
  3. If you are going to upload videos regularly, then create a secondary channel for practice or testing purposes before uploading onto your main channel. This allows you to get a feel for how well your videos will be received by viewers before putting them on the main channel. Also, if your video has copyright issues, you will see it before uploading on the main and maybe ruining a bit your channel health.
  4. Follow other relevant channels and learn from their work so that you can develop original content that people like for your audience as well as discover new opportunities for collaboration with other creators in the industry.
  5. Upload videos frequently as long as you keep the quality good.
  6. Build a strong community around the types of content that you post on your page so that they become interested in subscribing you. So, keep the videos you do around the same topic.
  7. Create High Quality videos because is one of the best ways to build a solid subscriber base. Videos should not only be entertaining but also informative and useful for viewers, who will likely subscribe if they can find value in the video.
  8. Add timestamps and thumbnails. One of the best ways you can get people to see your videos is by adding a summary and a thumbnail image. If you have a video that’s important, exciting, or informative, it’ll be interesting to viewers if you have an overview of the video, so they know what to expect and the timestamps. The thumbnail image is another opportunity to attract people without asking them to click on an actual video. The thumbnail should be enticing enough that someone may watch the full video based on the image alone, because he is so curious about what he saw on the thumbnail.
  9. Use video Annotations and end screen. Video annotations and end screens are text boxes that appear on top of the video, while end screen are YouTube-specific boxes that appear at the end of the video. So, use them to remind people to subscribe, with a survey or the classic subscribe box.
  10. Use also subscribe animations while editing the video, as also these will help to get more subscribers.
  11. Add good tags that are relevant. Viewers need affinity and be interested in your topic to subscribe. So, if you use relevant tags, YouTube will automatically suggest your videos to the most appropriate audience. Think of your video being about cars, and being suggested to a person who loves Ferrari, and another person who loves Wine. Which one do you think will more likely subscribe?
  12. Promote the video. More views means more subscribers, so why not get some organic YouTube promotion? Actually, you can also think to buy YouTube subscribers, even though this is something I suggest only if you really desire to have 1k subscribers for monetization, quickly.
  13. Keep track of how many people are watching your video, which parts they like the most, and how long they’re watching it for, and whether or not they’re engaging with it before leaving the screen. This data (you can get from YouTube studio) can give you valuable insight into how effective your video efforts are and what areas may need some improvement, so the best ones will be better and better.

That’s it guys, I hope my tips helped you to get more subscribers. Of course, if you don’t have many videos and you just started it will be harder. But, keep working and publishing new quality videos and it will just get easier!

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