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How to learn from your mistakes

People often think that learning should be a painful process that makes them feel foolish. While it’s true that making mistakes is something to be cherished and encouraged, learning isn’t always about making mistakes-its about understanding what happened and learning from them. If we continue to focus on the negative things that we’ve done when we’re involved in a mistake, then it will only get worse. Rather than focusing on what we did right, you have to learn how to focus on what you didn’t do right.

How to learn

The first step to learning is to stop making mistakes. This is easier said than done, but if you want to improve, then you have to understand why you make mistakes. 

Learning how to handle your mistakes so that they don’t become major problems is also important. You have to realize that making mistakes is just part of the learning process. Mistakes are something that we have to grow through. We have to learn how to make mistakes and how to deal with them because without mistakes, life would be boring as hell!

Learn more about learning from mistakes with Michael Unbroken in the video.

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