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India: 15 Cool Facts You May Not Be Aware Of!

India is a nation rich in culture and history, with bustling towns, dusty remote villages, exquisite temples, lush tea plantations, and fragrant markets.

India is a large country in terms of both region and population, as well as diversity. It’s nearly impossible to know everything there is to know about this magnificent nation.

It is a large country but its linguistic, culinary, and cultural diversity is larger still.
It is a vast country with much more linguistic, culinary, and cultural diversity.

Did you know that more than 100 million years ago, India was an island? It collided with the Asian continent about 50 million years ago, giving rise to the Himalayas.

Isn’t it fascinating? With over a billion people of various faiths and ethnicities, India is not only the world’s second-most populous country, but it also has some incredible facts and accomplishments to boast about. Many travelers have it on their bucket lists, and it’s straightforward to see why! The varied scenery, vibrant festivals, and spicy-hot cuisine are all compelling reasons to travel to Mumbai or Varanasi..

Whether you’ve visited India before or are simply fascinated by it, we’ve compiled a list of fifteen things you might not know about this fascinating country.

  1. The highest-grossing Bollywood film earned 27 times more than the highest-grossing Hollywood film.
  2. Shampoo was produced in India in the 16th century.
  3. India was the world’s largest producer of diamonds when they were first discovered.
  4. Elephants in Kerala can enjoy a day at the spa.
  5. The largest gathering in India can be seen from Space
  6. ¬†Ancient Indian civilization is the world’s oldest.
  7. India is the birthplace of any big world religion and lacks a national language.
  8. Every election, a polling station is set up in GIR Forest for just one voter.
  9. When air strikes are anticipated, the Indian government used the scaffolding to conceal the Tajmahal.
  10. Navigation, yoga, the world’s cheapest vehicle, and thorium-based nuclear power were all invented by Indians.
  11. The former Indian royal residence can be rented for $88000 per night.
  12. In the best possible way, Alwar’s King Jai Singh snubbed Rolls-Royce.
  13. One hundred thousand Indians are now millionaires.
  14. The first account of plastic surgery was discovered in an ancient Sanskrit text.
  15. One of India’s most lavish weddings sparked debate because it was much too lavish.